"Paying attention," a common metaphor, is misleading because there are different sorts of attention, and the relationship among them isn't reducible to numbers.
In the A.I. revolution, figuring out the contours of our human intelligence has never been more important. Who is best equipped to do this work?
Like "The Mandalorian" or "Loki," the Paramount+ series "Star Trek: Picard" is unlikely ever to attract new viewers. But is that a problem?
Older sci fi can help us see the difference between where we are as a culture and where we thought we'd be. A look back at Isaac Asimov's 1940s robot…
Pundits panicked last week when oddball chats with the new Bing pushed back the frontiers of weirdness, but were those conversations a fair test in the…
What makes people believe nonsense for which there is no evidence?
42 years ago, a murder mystery predicted digital twins and deep fakes: what did this howlingly bad movie get right and wrong?
The country's largest ecommerce company ended a program that donated 0.5% of eligible purchases to charities customers selected. This might have…
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